Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teal & Purple FUN!

Hi everyone. I know its been a long time since I have posted a make up look. I have been busy and I have totally missed it, so here we go.
Last night I started playing with the Alice & Wonderland palette from Urban Decay and came up with this fun teal and purple look that I will definately wear out on a fun night. Its pretty intense. I matched this look with plum cheeks and lips. Here is what I came up with:

With Flash:

And here is another look I came up with a little while ago. I didnt post it because I wasnt crazy about it. Here is a pic so you can see what I did. I tried to do an olive and gold smokey eye using only eye liner. The olive I loved but the gold was not my favorite. Here is the look:

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Much love always,
Claud <3


  1. I love both looks!!!

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous! You are very pretty! (:

  3. love the looks!! You are super pretty, and thank you so much for the award! <3

  4. Very pretty! I wanted to buy the Alice in Wonderland palette SO badly but they sold out!! The colours are so nice.

  5. wow. i love all of these looks! : )
    especially the teal and purple!

    anyways, thank you for following my blog : )

  6. thanks for doing this look, i've been wondering since long how to use my teal e/s that i have....will surely try this out

    love ur blog...just came across