Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Joyce's Engagement Party

Joyce recently got engaged and had a party to celebrate. For her make up she wanted a smokey eye but not too dramatic. I used a charcoal in the crease and black eye shadow for lower liner and smudge/smoked it out to give it the smokey look. For the face I gave her glowy cheeks and nude lips. Here is the look (click on photo to enlarge and for better quality) :

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Much love always,
Claud <3


  1. Hi, what eye makeup are you using? I love the colors! Looks great on her!=)

  2. @mm
    Hi. Thanks for the compliment! For this look I used MAC's ricepaper, smoke & diamonds, and carbon.
    Thanks! xo

  3. very pretty!! she looks beautiful:)

  4. waouuuuu you made a great job, I love it!
    It's really classy and glamour, she's gorgeous :)

  5. love the look...her skin looks so fresh and glowy...good job girl!! you are very talented

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  7. Very Nice! Natural but still with a little gitz :)