Monday, October 11, 2010

Lisette's Wedding

I had the pleasure of meeting Lissy through my friend Joyce. I did Lissy's makeup for e-pics which led into me doing her makeup for her wedding. Her wedding colors were black with red accents. She hardly wears makeup regurlary, so she wanted intense eyes for her big day.  For her eyes I used dark shimmery colors with warm tones and it went beautifully with light, porcelain skin. For her bridesmaids I used a matte greyish color and created a smokey eye to go with their beautiful black dresses. Here is the look I came up with (click on the pic for better quality) :

Bridesmaid #1 (Joyce) 

Bridesmaid #2

Bridesmaid #3 

Bridesmaid #4

Maid of honor

The bride before: 

The bride after:

 The bride with her girls:

In her gorgeous dress, which I LOVED!!

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Claudia <3