Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Joyce's Wedding

I have done makeup for Joyce a few times leading up to her big day. You can see some pictures here and here, So naturally I was excited when her wedding finally arrived. This wedding was extra special because Joyce is a dear friend of mine and all her bridesmaids are also dear friends ... we had a great time.

The bridesmaids were wearing beautiful purple dresses which I was really happy about because I love doing purple makeup for some reason. For the bride I kept it natural and warm and just to enhance her beauty.

The beautiful pictures below were taken by the talented Chelsey Boatwright, check her out. (click on the pic for better quality)


 Mi Andreita!

Andrea and Leslie

finishing touches on the bride

All done

Bride and Mother of the bride (I also did her makeup)

Ready to go marry her man

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Much love always,
Claudia <3 


  1. Beautiful! What foundation did you use on the bride. Her skin looks GREAT! :)

  2. @MakeupMandiTX thank you for the compliments. i use revlon colorstay on all my clients.

  3. She looks beautiful! You did a great job Claudia! - Emily

  4. these pictures are so adorable!