Sunday, July 10, 2011

Felicia Marie .. taking it way back

Felicia, or as I know her Marie, we met each other in kindergarten (yea that's right, kindergarten!). We were best friends but unfortunately after that year she moved away and we lost contact. Fast forward 23 years later she found me on facebook. She contacted me and of course we remembered each other right away. She asked me to do her makeup for her bridal shower and asked me to do her makeup for her bridesmaids for the day of her wedding.

For her bridal shower, she was wearing a beautiful yellow, golden dress. So for her makeup I did a golden bronzey look.

For the bridesmaids on the day of her wedding, it all started with the dresses. Each girl had a different dress in a different shade of grey. I love that Marie let her bridesmaids pick out dresses based on their own personal style. So using shades of greys, taupe, and a touch of purple that is what I did. I created looks based on their own personal styles.

Here are the pics (click on the pics for better quality) :

Marie's Bridal Shower

The bridesmaids and their beautiful dresses

The girls giving a toast

And here is Marie, isn't she such a gorgeous bride. Her makeup was done by the amazing Lutz Karpf

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Claudia <3 

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  1. Claudia,
    I am so happy that we found each other after all these years! Thank you so much for making my fabulous ladies and I feel and look beautiful. You are so talented! Let me know when you start teaching classes, I'll be the first so sign up!
    Big hugs,